Recording of our Webinar "Reflections from Our Volunteers" Now Available

Please enjoy this recording from last week's webinar "Reflections from Our Volunteers."

In recognition of International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2014, BwB hosted a  special webinar featuring some of our current and former volunteers. Our volunteer panelists have used their wide range of professional backgrounds, skills, and expertise to meet a variety of challenges, from marketing and branding to financial analysis and assessment, facing our nonprofit and social enterprise clients. Collectively, they have donated more than 925 hours of their time—a value of more than $188,000 in pro bono services!—on 14 projects supporting poverty-focused organizations around the world. During this webinar, our panelists shared their insights, discuss the rewards and challenges of pro-bono consulting, and provide a glimpse into how their experiences are helping Grameen Foundation alleviate poverty around the world. 

Meet the panelists: 

Jennifer Rademaker is the Executive Vice President of MasterCard and has more than 20 years of global experience in Financial Services. 

Linda Wong has led marketing initiatives for a diverse portfolio of technology companies for over 10 years. She is responsible for a variety of engagements, ranging from go-to-market planning to new business development with global partners. 

Robert “Bob” Rout is a retired Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer with more than 39 years of extensive financial management experience in both large and small banking organizations. 

Sarah Anderson is a seasoned International Business Development and Finance Executive with a proven track record of successful execution across a spectrum of mission critical programs.