BwB Skillanthropist Profile: Linda Wong

In celebation of International Volunteer Day 2014, Bankers without Borders is recognizing some of our outstanding volunteers who donate their time, skills, and expertise to help accelerate the progress of social entrepreneurs dedicated to connecting the poor to their potential.

Linda has been called the “marketing sparkplug” because of her energetic personality and can-do attitude.  For over 10 years, Linda has led marketing initiatives for a diverse portfolio of technology companies where she was responsible for a variety of engagements, ranging from go-to-market planning to new business development with global partners.  

Linda has a passion for volunteerism. She started volunteering in high school and has continued to give her time and expertise into her professional life. Earlier this year, Linda accepted her first Bankers without Borders project with The Trust for the Americas (TFTA). She is currently the lead consultant for the TFTA Digital Reboot Project.

"Linda redefined the issues The Trust for the Americas presented to her in a way that made them clearer and sharpened the focus of the project,” said Milton Drucker, Business Development and Marketing Director for TFTA. “Linda’s thoughtful and careful analysis  of our situation and subsequent unique insights have been of invaluable service to The Trust for the Americas, even before her project is completed. "

For Linda, volunteering with Bankers without Borders is an opportunity to use her business and marketing skills to build better communities by creating economic opportunities for all. “I hear about the amazing stories of how these microfinance institutions have created hope and possibilities for those living in poverty. I’ve always thought one had to be a banker or in finance to participate.  Through Bankers without Borders, I was matched to a consulting project where I was able to immediately apply my marketing and business skills and see results,” she said. “The experience has shown me how I can make a difference. I am constantly impressed by the professionalism, skills, and commitment of the Bankers without Borders volunteers, partner organizations, and Grameen Foundation staff. I can truly say they are unsurpassed in any that I have encountered in my professional experience.  I look forward to future consulting engagements.”