Our partnerships with companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Google, help power and support our global skillanthropy movement and contribute to our successful growth.

By partnering with Fortune 500 companies, higher education institutions, and professional associations, we’re able to consistently source some of the world’s top talent and brightest minds to help meet the needs of poverty-focused social enterprises around the world. 


Featured Partners:

Bloomberg is committed to providing employees with volunteer service opportunities which allow them to make an impact in communities globally through the Best of Bloomberg (BOB) Volunteer Program. Bankers without Borders facilitated a series of virtual ideation sessions involving several Bloomberg volunteers.

Capco’s partnership with Bankers without Borders allows Capco employees to provide skills-based volunteering opportunities on virtual projects servicing poverty-focused social enterprises worldwide.

Capital Group associates have developed a strong connection with Grameen Foundation through volunteering their time and expertise on Bankers Without Borders' virtual ideation sessions, and through The Associate Program rotation placements at Grameen Foundation, where associates have worked on strategic projects around the world.

Each day, people around the world seek solutions to the complex environmental, economic and social challenges facing our world. At Dow, our corporate philanthropic efforts address these challenges and are inherent in everything we do as a global corporation. 

The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GlaxoSmithKline’s skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, motivated employees contribute their skills to solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad. Bankers without Borders helped facilitate 6-month employee placements within several Grameen Foundation offices.

Google, Inc


Google works with Bankers without Borders through GooglersGive to provide Googlers with international, immersive, skills-based volunteering experiences that use our strengths in human capital, information, and technology to address global humanitarian challenges and to help develop conscious leaders.

MasterCard’s partnership with Bankers without Borders allows their employees to contribute their time and expertise on virtual projects that further financial inclusion through the power of entrepreneurship. 

Wells Fargo

The Wells Fargo Global Fellows Volunteer Program seeks to increase the capacity of social enterprise organizations serving under-resourced communities around the world while providing team members an opportunity to develop leadership skills and enhance their cultural competencies.

BwB is one of the The Leadership Faculty members with Billion+Change comprised of experts from the corporate and nonprofit community who are committed to sharing their expertise in areas including global programming, recognition, skills-based volunteering, and volunteer programming.

BwB is a Founding Stakeholder of Impact 2030, a coalition between the United Nations, governments, corporate sector, civil society, academia and philanthropic organizations, designed to marshal the power of employee volunteer investments to advance the achievement of the SDGs.

The University of Maryland School of Public Policy partners with Grameen Foundation’s BwB to provide students a deep dive into the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors in India. This partnership harnesses the skills and policy training of UMD students to accelerate the progress of a number of social entrepreneurs and NGO leaders dedicated to connecting the poor to their potential.