December 2013

GF Fellow Fiza Salem: Three Months In

A move to Africa was something I had never seriously contemplated before May this year, given my undying love for, and attachment to, Asia. Being offered the opportunity to work for Grameen Foundation in Kenya was the first of many welcomed surprises 2013, and this Fellowship, brought with it. I had spent the first quarter of this year meticulously plotting strategies to move away from public health into food security, and develop an expertise in ICT programming.

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International Volunteer Day

One of the questions we hear most frequently is, “What do you look for in a volunteer?” The truth is, we aren’t necessarily looking for a certain type of education or specific number of years of experience. In fact, our volunteers come to us with a variety of skills, experience levels, and interests, and it’s this diversity that allows us to meet the range of challenges facing our client organizations.

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