BwB Skillanthropist Profile: Jennifer Rademaker

As part of our 5th Year Anniversary Celebration, Bankers without Borders is recognizing some of our outstanding volunteers whose commitment and dedication helps us fulfill our mission to connect the world's poor to their potential.

Jennifer Rademaker leads the Core Products group for the MasterCard Europe region.  In this role, Jennifer is responsible for the management, development and commercialization of consumer and commercial products for Europe, including Debit, Credit, Commercial, Prepaid, and Loyalty. Jennifer brings over 20 years of global experience in Financial Services, with positions at Experian, American Express, and First USA/Bank One. Her background includes credit underwriting, product pricing and profitability, analysis and modeling, marketing, and product management. She is also the author of a comic book series published in South Africa that educates children on good financial habits and life skills. Jennifer led several volunteer consulting projects with Bankers without Borders and was instrumental in identifying key colleagues from MasterCard to engage in volunteer assignments.

“My work with Bankers without Borders has become an incredible source of inspiration for me, both professionally and personally. I have always had an interest in making financial markets work for the poor, so pro bono work with Bankers without Borders was a natural fit.  My BwB projects have given me exposure to new geographies and consumer segments, while I brought my own skills of analysis, credit underwriting, and product design to the projects,” said Jennifer. “The work is also spiritually rewarding, as you know that you are contributing your skills to worthy organizations that need help but cannot afford to pay for your talent and experience. If you prefer to teach a person to fish, rather than just give a fish, then Bankers without Borders provides the perfect platform for pro bono work that expands and strengthens financial services for the poor.”

Bram Stoffele, Partnership and Certification Manager at Child and Youth Finance International worked closely with Jennifer to develop a discussion paper encouraging commercial banking institutions to consider the unique needs of children when developing financial products and services for youth. ”Jennifer {was} highly professional and thoroughly committed, over and beyond what we expected,” said Bram” Child Youth and Finance International is excited to collaborate with [her] again in the future.”