Where Can I Volunteer? Open Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda, India, Kenya, and Haiti!

We have some great volunteer opportunities with application deadlines coming up soon! Whether or not you want to volunteer for a month or six months, or onsite in the country or remotely on a computer, we have options for you. Here are a few of the many projects that need your help and expertise:

Finance and Operations Manager for AGARU SACCO in Uganda

Start date:  February 3rd, 2014

Estimated Hours: Long Term (more than 500 hours)

Region: Uganda (working onsite)

Application Deadline:  January 24th, 2014

Description: AGARU SACCO Ltd is seeking a volunteer financial manager to spend at least six months in Uganda assisting with the development and implementation of various financial and back office activities required at a deposit taking institution. The finance manager will be required to do a significant amount of training of AGARU SACCO staff on the new deposit taking policies and procedures. Responsibilities include reviewing current financial management systems in AGARU SACCO, updating the accounting procedures manual, and developing banking operations process maps and documents for various procedures. Basic housing and work-related costs will be reimbursed during your time in Uganda.

Learn more about this project here: https://grameenfound.secure.force.com/apex/projectview?id=a0OA000000DXSWkMAP

Ideation Participant in an Ideation Session - Sharing GFI's Learnings and Knowledge

Start date:  February 4th, 2014

Estimated Hours: Short Term (less than 100 hours)

Region: India (working remotely)

Application Deadline:  January 28th, 2014

Description: For those with at least five years of marketing, communications, or PR experience, Grameen Foundation India (GFI) wants to increase their reach and brainstorm ways to better disseminate GFI knowledge and leanings gathered through the development and application of its pro-poor products and programs. The volunteers will participate in Ideation Sessions (the estimated dates for these sessions are 4th and 7th February 2014) and discuss various methods of further distributing and publicizing GFI’s information. Participating volunteers will be sent an Ideation Pre-Work Package with their preparation assignment, session times and instructions for joining. Most Ideations Sessions will be done remotely via Google Hangout.

Learn more about this project here: https://grameenfound.secure.force.com/apex/projectview?id=a0OA000000BQydDMAT

Business Developer and Impact Investing for the MARA Ad-Venture Fund in Kenya

Start date:  February 17th, 2014

Estimated Hours: Medium Term (101-500 hours)

Region: Kenya (working onsite)

Application Deadline:  January 31st, 2014

Description: If you have experience in impact investing, portfolio management, or business development, the Mara Ad-Venture Fund (MAVF) is seeking volunteers to define and implement an innovative and sustainable business model to provide seed funding to early stage startups in Africa. MAVF aims to launch a venture capital fund following a model that has not yet been implemented on the African continent, and the major challenges faced by fund are the high transaction costs involved in the investments. The project requires the refinement of the investment strategy within a sustainable business model in order to ensure the long-term viability of the fund. The project will require an onsite visit of at least 2-3 weeks followed by another 2 weeks of remote support to finalize the initial report.

Learn more about this project here: https://grameenfound.secure.force.com/apex/projectview?id=a0OA000000DXws6MAD

Finance and Business Analyst - Strategic and Financial Planning in Haiti

Start date:  March 1st, 2014

Estimated Hours: Long Term (more than 500 hours)

Region: Haiti (working onsite)

Application Deadline:  February 2nd, 2014

Description: If you have business and financial planning experience and are able to relocate to Haiti for at least 6-months , this is a unique opportunity to work on the ground with Haiti's largest microfinance institution.  Fonkoze is recruiting a Strategic Planning Manager to provide strategic, financial and operational support over the course of 6 to 12 months (timing negotiable). The volunteer will lead and coordinate the preparation of a business plan based on the Company’s mission and vision, business strategies, and analysis of the Company’s products and services and market trends. Oral and written English is required; French and Haitian Creole is desired, but not necessary. Fonkoze will provide a living stipend to the volunteer for the duration of the project to help cover accommodation, food, transport, health insurance, etc. 

Learn more about this project here: https://grameenfound.secure.force.com/apex/projectview?id=a0OA000000DXymuMAD