Meet our Fellows: Patrizia Dodaro

Based in the Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Patrizia Dodaro is the Business Development and Strategy Fellow for Grameen-Jameel.

Patrizia graduated with a degree in International Relations and has five years of experience working for non-profit organizations in Italy and Albania, to design and implemen projects in the field of microfinance and rural development, women inclusion and migration. In Albania, she was enganged in programmes aimed at the improvement of the conditions of low-income communities in rural and suburban areas through vocational training, business consulting and microcredit. She has been working for the social and economic inclusion of disadvantaged women and youngsters, dedicating a significant part of her job and volunteering to the support of the micro entrepreneurs and the empowerment of women as new protagonists of economic and social changes. During her Grameen Foundation Fellowship, Patrizia will join the Grameen – Jameel team in Dubai to work for the business development and strategy addressing the youth unemployment in MENA region.