Meet our Fellows: Naomi Crowther

Based in Colombia, Naomi Crowther is the Data Analyst Fellow, supporting Grameen Foundation's Poverty Tools and Insights programs.

I will be joining the Grameen Foundation in the social performance management team as a data analyst fellow in Colombia focusing on poverty tool data. Since delving into the economic impact of unequal access to land ownership and income in developing economies for my undergraduate dissertation, I have been passionate about creating empirically sound impact analysis of development programs to inform policy. I have worked as a research analyst for a number of academics, NGO’s, private and public sector bodies over the past five years. I’ve been working as a research analyst for the NGO Aidgrade, running meta-analyses of the impact of microfinance and running impact evaluations of educational programs in slums of New Delhi for the Indian NGO ‘A Ray of Hope’.  I have also been working as a graduate consultant for the Department for International Development (DFID) statistics advisor to the Sudan. 

I am incredibly excited to join the team and begin analysing the novel dataset amalgamated from the Progress Out of Poverty questionnaires – I believe this data may provide unprecedentedly comprehensive insight into exactly who is being reached by Grameen Foundation’s microfinance programs and a multidimensional view of how they are impacting their progress out of poverty.

I have an Economics undergraduate degree from Sussex University and an MPA in Public and Economic Policy from the London School of Economics.