Meet our Fellows: Enrique Costoya

Based in Kenya, Enrique Costoya is the Customer Success Strategy Fellow, supporting Grameen Foundation's TaroWorks program.

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Enrique graduated with degress in both Economics and Business Management from Carlos IIII University of Madrid and obtained a Masters in e-Commerce from Dublin City University. He has worked and lived in Ireland, France, Zambia and more recently in Montana. He brings over 13 years of work experience to his Fellowship, with a strong focus on strategic business planning, customer relationship management, customer engagement strategies, change management and best practices in technology adoption for companies such as IBM, Bertelsmann, S3, Nissan, CapricornVentis and Since his move to the US last September to join his wife, he has worked as an indepentent consultant focusing on business and cloud solutions.

Enrique supports Vicente Ferrer Foundation's mission to fight poverty in India and hasalso collaborated with Sheldrick's Wildlife Trust in Nairobi and David Sheperd's Wildlife Foundation in Zambia in their missions to preserve Africa's wilderness, especially their elephant nursery programs.

Enrique is passionate about Africa. He has traveled extensively in the continent and worked for Feeling Africa, a travel agency in Zambia. He is very much looking forward to his placement in Kenya in order to contribute to Grameen Foundation's mission. He is also interested in joining a group of runners, learning some Swahili, while having a bit of 'craic' - Gaelic word for 'fun' - and 'echarse unas risas' - Spanish for 'having a laugh'. Asante sana!