GF Fellow Soji Agbana: Early Days Yet

I really have to get used to this drip, drip exposition of life as a blogger.

In a previous life I lived, the discipline and schedule of a weekly deadline as a newspaper turn-around consultant meant that I had to concentrate my thoughts to write on schedule. Now I oftentimes plain forget that like a chia pet, I have to feed and water my blog.

Anyhow, where was I? Ah yes, October 23rd would make it exactly one month into my Fellowship with GF in this lovely city, Kampala. So much has been achieved within this time space that one month just blew past!

I have made two formal presentations on Lean Transformation to the team here and the reception has been great.  We will be kicking into execution mode week of October 21. I have also facilitated a ‘Goals Alignment & Work Plan Setting’ session of 5 NGOs here, of which GF is one.

I also had my first malaria attack on African soil!

Short but sharp. See you all in my next post.

Soji Agbana is a Lean Process Fellow, based in Uganda. Check back for more about Soji's experiences in the field.