Five Year Impact Report

Over the course of our first five years, we’ve invested a lot of time in trying to perfect our model and learn what’s working and what’s not. We’ve applied a rigor to evaluating our efforts that many volunteer-based programs have not, in large part because they often lack the funding or technology to do so. And now that we have enough experience to speak with more authority on the real, tangible benefits and outcomes we’re seeing (or not), we feel it’s our duty to share what we know with others who just might care because the problem of global poverty is far too large and complex for Bankers without Borders or even Grameen Foundation to solve on our own.

Bankers without Borders is proud to share our new Five Year Impact Report. Drawing on our own surveys and on the recent independent research conducted on the outcomes of our program for the volunteers, corporations, and social enterprises involved, the report highlights key insights and lessons learned since our inception five years ago.

Download the full report here.