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 Value of In Kind Services

How It Works

Through strategic collaborations with Fortune 500 companies such as JPMorgan Chase, MasterCard, and Google and through individual volunteer recruitment, we are able to source some of the world’s best talent and brightest minds. With more than 19,700 professionals from more than 170 countries in our volunteer reserve corps, we are able to tap into a variety of skills and expertise, from banking and finance, to technology, marketing and human resources, to meet a wide range of strategic and operational needs. This global talent pool of volunteers – who donate their time pro bono – enables us to provide top-notch consulting, coaching, and training services at a fraction of the market price. 

Ninety-two percent of our clients report high satisfaction with their volunteer consultants and the project deliverables and outcomes, and ninety-six percent plan to use our services again. In the short run, we save our clients thousands of dollars and make their money go farther on behalf of their social missions. Over time, our project outcomes help our clients increase their scale, sustainability, and social impact.  

To read more about how Bankers wihtout Borders helps our clients reach their goals, please download our new Five Year Impact Report. For a more detailed review of our approach, read our White Paper, “Volunteerism: An Old Concept, A New Business Model for Scaling Microfinance and Technology-for-Development Solutions.”

Our Approach


We’ll work with you to identify an opportunity or challenge your organization is facing and crowdsource advice and creative solutions from our talent pool using a variety of crowdsourcing approaches – from facilitating a virtual brainstorming session or organizing an open-source research project to facilitating a quick phone call with a relevant expert.

Consulting, Training, & Mentoring

We tap into our experience working with 178 social enterprises and Grameen Foundation’s broader expertise to help us understand where we can deliver the most value for our clients. We’re not trying to bank billable hours, and we don’t simply want to leave you with a set of recommendations that you are not in a position to implement given the resources at your disposal. We work with you to design the project scope in a way that minimizes project costs – including travel and your own time investment – and enables us to quickly staff the project based on the availability of the best qualified consultants.

Human Capital Hub And The HR Reserve Corps

The Human Capital Hub (HCH) is a public resource of Grameen Foundation’s suite of human capital management (HCM) tools and best practices. This website offers overviews of critical HCM concepts, practical tools, and tips that will help your organization attract, retain, and develop the most capable people to achieve sustainable growth.

Volunteers in our Human Resources (HR) Reserves Corp can help you address complex HCM challenges. We’ll match you with an experienced HR professional to help you design and implement a strategy in HCM areas such as Recruitment & Selection, Performance Planning & Management Succession Planning, and Change Leadership.

Fellowships & Internships

We source year-round the brightest undergraduates, graduates, and recent graduates from top colleges and universities in the United States and globally through our Global Internship program. We can help you simply find interns or manage your internship program for you. Through the Grameen Foundation Fellowship, we run a competitive process to identify and select skilled professionals to serve in one-year assignments around the world as part of a structured fellowship program. Consider applying to become a placement site for one of our amazing Fellows.


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